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Catalysts For Change Consulting Group

Sparking organizational change around culture, race and inclusiveness.
Deepening Commitment
Advancing Equity
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Who We Are

Our name  reflects how we see ourselves in this work.  As catalysts, we focus on potential – the future for your organization, your people and the broader community.  We inspire, challenge and support organizations and individuals in their journey to become more culturally competent, inclusive and equitable

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Our Services

Catalysts for Change (CFC) provides a robust suite of services and resources including, but not limited to strategic planning, conflict/change management, intercultural competence assessment and development, community organizing, as well as anti-racism and diversity training.  We bring extensive experience and creative agility to every partnership and tailor our services to address your specific needs and opportunities.

Through our workshops, participants gain valuable insight, develop essential skills, and foster greater appreciation for diverse perspectives and life experiences, leading to stronger collaboration, more effective teams, and ultimately more inclusive communities

We collaborate closely with clients to assess their current state, develop comprehensive strategies, and implement effective policies and practices that promote diversity, equity, and social cohesion, ultimately fostering thriving workplaces and communities.

We are trained and licensed on the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) to assess where groups are along the Intercultural Development Continuum (IDC).  Those who have completed the IDI receive a personalized debrief as well as resources to assist them in the further development of their competence.

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Get to know us!  FREE TRAINING

We’re excited to get to know you and have you get to know us!  As a way to do that, we offer three different 90 minute trainings FREE of charge just to do that! Contact us below for more information or to schedule your training.

  • Beyond Guilt or Anger:  Conversation can promote the important and likely necessary dialogue about race, cultural diversity and privilege in your organization.  Explore techniques that lead to resolution rather than conflict.

  • It’s all in the Name:  Diversity, equity, equality, inclusion, culture, anti-racism, racial justice…the list of words describing these bodies of work is as lengthy as the work itself.  Explore the differences in these different modalities to see which one (or more) fits your organization the best.  

  • Bold Moves:  Understanding Implicit Bias and Interrupting Microaggressions:  Research shows that everyone has implicit biases, whether we realize it or not.  And these implicit biases impact our interactions with each other; one way in the form of subtle yet pervasive microaggressions.  Explore these concepts in greater detail as well as learn new ways to change or eliminate implicit bias. 

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What Our Colleagues Say

Deb is an experienced and gifted leader.  She empowers individuals of all generations to bring forward their best gifts and challenge themselves to continue growing and live out their values.  Deb has created a number of trainings on cultural competency, community organizing and related topics - training hundreds of staff and volunteer leaders.  She has a unique way to develop systems so that commitments to greater diversity and racial justice move from talk to action to accountability.

- Reverend Emily Goldthwaite

I’ve known Deb and her family for nearly 20 years.  I’ve watched as they have navigated the challenges in being a bi-racial, bi-cultural family with pride.  They were an instrumental part of my community’s journey in creating a Somali led organization and integrating Somali and Oromo immigrants with a multitude of diverse communities in Minnesota.  Deb is constantly learning how to be more culturally competent.  She's curious and willing to ask questions to gather the best information.  

- Hashi Shafi

Cassandra is an empathetic leader and strong changemaker. I have had the honor of working with her, and during this time it was evident that she embodies being a catalyst for change. Cassandra has experience in facilitating staff training and meetings within schools that are focused on equity. She is able to connect others aligned with the mission of change for racial equity within education. Cassandra has a unique ability to empower others, even those who haven't encountered experiences of inequity, to join the cause for change.

- Allison Zamora
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